Kolkata was the second city of the British Empire. Earlier known as Calcutta, it consisted of only few fishing villages before Job Charnok convinced the British East India Company to set  up trading units in Bengal in 1690. Since then, Kolkata has developed rapidly. It is known as the “Cultural Capital” of India and is a wonderful blend of the glorious past and the developing present. Each and every corner of the city has a fascinating story to tell. You can get to know about the glorious past of Kolkata through some very interesting walks and day tours conducted by various touring companies. Walk, discover and fall in love with Kolkata all over again.

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The City of Joy

1. Crossindia Tours

With Crossindia Tours you can tour the suburbs of Kolkata. You will be delighted to know the rich history embedded in the towns of Bengal.

  • Crossindia Azaadi Tour –

    Azadi Tour is a chance to relive India’s historic moments and revisit the nation’s road to independence. The tour will take us through some of the iconic landmarks that witnessed India’s independence movement in Bengal. Places like The Mangal pandey park, Gandhi Museum, Chinsurah, Hoogly jail will be covered among others. 

    india freedom movement, Bengal azaadi

  • Little Europe Tour –

    Parts of Bengal were colonies of European nations. The culture and architecture of Bengal are influenced from these European settlements. In the Little Europe Tour in Bengal you will discover the colourful heritage of the Portuguese, Dutch, French, Danish and British as we explore old colonial settlements along the Hooghly river (West Bengal). You will get the chance of visiting Bandel, Chinsurah, Chandannagar and Serampore. The tour is designed to help you understand more about the melting pot of cultures in Bengal that contributed to the birth of modern India.

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    Little Europe Tour in Bengal

    2. Let’s Meet up Tours

  • The Old City walk – North Kolkata Tour –

    You can still find the essence of old Kolkata in North Kolkata. The narrow lanes and by-lanes lead you to big houses with verandas popularly known as Raj Bari. In this walk you will come across various Thakurbari (Mansions), temples and the popular Shovabazar Raj Bari.

    West Bengal, Kolkata, Walks, Day tours, Shovabazar Raj Bari
    Shovabazar Raj Bari
  • The Kolkata alias Calcutta Walk –

    In this walk you will first visit The Mother House of Missionary of Charity and Nirmala shishu. From there you will visit few eminent places of Kolkata like St. John’s Church, Mausoleum of Job Charnock, Eden Gardens, Howrah Bridge, Raj Bhavan and Writer’s Building.

    West Bengal, Kolkata

    You can also visit the vintage points of Kolkata – the Marble Palace, Victoria Memorial and Kumartulli.

    Durga Puja, Kolkata, West Bengal,day tour

3. Let Us Go Tour –

Let Us Go Tour offers you the opportunity to go for the famous, “Walk with Ghosts”. You can visit Kolkata’s infamous haunted buildings and feel creepy things happening around you.

Haunted houses in kolkata, night tour, West bengal
Putul Bari

Discover both the colonial as well as the creepy side of Kolkata and take up these intriguing walks and day tours for your next weekend plan. Even if you don’t like walking, I am sure that you are going to love these. The city will surprise you with its beauty, culture and warmth.