Enjoy a three-hour cruise with delicious cuisine while sailing on river Ganges and taking panoramic views of City of Joy and the riverfront.It is the perfect detox from the hustle-bustle of the city life.

The incredible view of the two iconic bridges, Howrah Bridge and Vidyasagar Setu, will strike a chord, no matter how often you have seen them. We will make it more comfortable for you, with special arrangements and lavish menu for an unforgettable ride like no other.

Individual ticket based entry.

Tour de Little Europe in Bengal

Parts of Bengal were once colonies of European settlements, discover the colorful heritage of the Portuguese, Dutch, French, Danish and British as we explore old colonial settlements along the Hooghly river (West Bengal).

On this full day tour you will get a glimpse of Bandel, Chinsurah, Chandannagar and Serampore. We will introduce you to the amazing cultural confluence along the Hooghly River, often called “Europe on the Ganges”

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Sundarban Boat Tour -Pirates Party Sail

Sail upon a wooden pirate themed rustic cruise boat through the river Deltas and voyage into rivers, creeks, ocean and jungles into the backwaters of Bengal. We cover a number of islands including Bhagbatpur Crocodile Island passing through the Lothian Island and a final stay at Barren Island.

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Sundarban Tour – Sundarban National park

Sundarban Tour of Sundarban National park: This huge stretch is a wonder of the world, Sundarbans situated in Southern West Bengal is the largest estuarine forest in the world and has its kind wildlife sanctuaries in the world and home for the legendary Royal Bengal Tiger.

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