Safety Ethics

  • Safety and Security is paramount to Crossindia and we look into all aspect of it we provide Lifeguard on-board/ motor ship handling &life-saving techniques.
  • First-Aid kits are on board at all times. Safety equipment’s: life jackets, rescue tubes, fire extinguishers, depth reader and telephone and satellite communication.
  • Crossindia as a tour operator/organizer strives to provide all possible safety measures to the best of the company’s capacity. However it must be noted that safety and security ultimately is customer’s own responsibility and Crossindia does not hold itself accountable or responsible for any injuries, accidents or loss of life of customers during the tours or loss or theft of customer’s belongings.
  • Safety however is the Company’s top priority in any tour and arrangements has been made to have basic first aid, info on nearest medical center and doctors, life jackets, life tubes and fire extinguishers etc on vessels.
  • Crossindia takes into account weather and other variable hazards before embarking on any sailing tours and has crew who are carefully handpicked and are seasoned and experienced for many years. Standard operating processes are also laid on tours conducted by land as well to ensure that all safety precautions are taken into consideration.

Travel Ethics

  • Utmost respect, honesty and highest level of service to all guests who come on board the tours.
  • Environmentally sensitive and conscious not just by following environment conservation and protection by its own operations but also educating and conducting cleaning pollution that is created by other ignorant operators.
  • Crossindia practices respect for people involved in all level of company’s operations and specially the crew and staff from villages and suburban areas.
  • We believe in rightly remunerating the people involved in the industry and lays all efforts to increase work opportunity for people and region which are greatly in need.
  • Crossindia believes in fair business ethics for rightly pricing the services that is rendered so that the customers feel happy with the experience and the company earns a respectable profit out of the services it renders.
  • Crossindia respects and adheres to all the law of the land and the policies laid out by the government, both state and central, and the forest departments.