Riviera is a luxurious barge that is mostly used for the purpose of boat parties. This is probably the only barge of this size that is available in the whole of India to party on. A barge is generally a flat bottomed vessel which is used for transportation of cargo through rivers. Because it has a very low draft i.e. portion of the vessel which is under water, it makes it a good vessel to navigate through shallow waters. From the bow to the stern the width of the vessel is the same, making the vessel absolutely ideal for cruise celebrations of all sorts.






Included in Package 


170 Feet


  • The air conditioned section on the vessel has large windows from ceiling to floor which makes the view of the Ganges and the river bank very pleasing.
  • The level of the deck is very close to the waters which makes the boat party experience very different and in proximity to the waters.
  • The other special aspect of this vessel is that it has alongside a feeder vessel which assists guests who reach late or who want to leave early from the cruise. It is independent from the task of docking and undocking.


Safety and Security is paramount to Crossindia and we look into all aspect of it. We provide:

  • Lifeguard on-board/ motor ship handling & life-saving techniques.
  • First-Aid kits are on board at all times.
  • Safety equipment’s: life jackets, rescue tubes, fire extinguishers, depth reader and telephone and satellite communication.








The best thing about this vessel is that we can play widely with decors. This vessel is apt for very grand celebrations like 25th anniversaries, birthdays and wedding related functions. We have conducted entire wedding ceremony on it in the past.


Available on hourly basis for a minimum 3 hrs of booking, all round the year.


The vessel has a double railing for additional protection. Sailing amidst Ganges on this vessel truly is an unforgettable experience. Your guests are sure to have a gala time.

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