Sundarbans – The Amazon of the East!

Believe in Magical powers of Nature!

If you believe in nature’s magic then visit Sundarban. In just one weekend trip from Kolkata, you can travel to a Biosphere Reserve, the backwaters of Bengal and also sail through the narrow creeks of Sundarban all in one tour! In a relaxing boat ride, you can experience nature at its best and also have exotic Bengali food (especially, fish) on board.

Still not convinced? Read on!

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1. The Mystic Forests of Sundari Mangroves

Did you know that the forests of Sundarban are the largest mangrove forests in the world and UNESCO declared World Heritage Site? The entire region is traversed by many small and big rivers and is shared by both India and Bangladesh. The swampy mangroves of Sundarbans are abode to a large number of animals and plants. The dense forests cast a charming spell on everyone who visits this land. Visit the land of the Sundari trees to take a break from your polluted city life. In fact, Sundarban has derived its name from the Sundari trees which are found in this region. Sundarban Tour Package Kolkata, sunderban tour, sundarban tiger

2. The Royal Bengal Tiger

The Royal Bengal Tiger is the main attraction of Sundarban and people from all over the world visit Sundarbans to see tigers. There are many watchtowers from where you can spot tigers but it can be seen only on very rare occasions. Only lucky people get to see tigers and it is really an experience of a lifetime to spot various wild animals from watchtowers. What better way to spend your holiday than walking through the lush green forests of Sundarban and relaxing amidst nature? Sundarban Tour Package Kolkata, sunderban tour, sundarban tiger

3. The Rich Biodiversity of Sundarbans

Don’t be sad if you cannot spot a Royal Bengal Tiger because every nook and corner of Sundarban has something beautiful to offer. Here, you don’t have to look for wildlife, wildlife will find you. Mudskippers, Common Redshanks or more spectacular Black Capped Kingfishers can be seen in almost everywhere. You can catch sight of Monitor Lizards basking in the morning sun in the narrow creeks. The environmental condition of Sundarban is perfect for the crabs and you can easily spot the brightly colored Red Fiddler Crabs strolling around. Shikra birds, Spotted deer and Lesser Adjutants are few of the animals living in this enchanting forest. The jungles of Sundarban has much more to offer other than Royal Bengal Tigers. Visit Sundarban to experience its beauty. Sundarban Tour Package Kolkata, sunderban tour, sundarban tiger

4. Thrilling Boat Tours of Rivers and Creeks

Sundarban is the only place in India that has to be toured by boats. Rustic wooden country boats are used for touring the narrow creeks of Sundarban and the open backwaters of Bengal. It is therefore known as the Amazon of the East. During the boat rides, you can sit back and enjoy the marvelous view of the forest and the animals living in it while having delicious snacks prepared on board. Nothing can be more thrilling than watching Monitor Lizards swimming across one of the channels, deer grazing at the end of the woods and colorful birds chirping happily in the trees while you take a relaxing boat ride. Sundarban Tour Package Kolkata, sunderban tour, sundarban tiger

5. Perfect For a Short Vacation

We all want to go on long vacations to some exotic place but time is a restraint. Most of us are left with just a Saturday and Sunday for a holiday. Hence, we all are looking for a weekend trip near Kolkata. Sundarban is perfect for a short vacation. It offers you with forests, rivers, boat rides, wildlife and lots of adventure. In short, a short vacation in Sundarban is everything you are looking for. In 2 days you can experience a host of activities near Kolkata. Sundarban Tour Package Kolkata, sunderban tour, sundarban tiger

Interested in  Sundarban Tour ?

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Got one Weekend? Cover Sundarban and New Bakkhali Beach !

Sundarban Tour Package Kolkata, sunderban tour, sundarban tiger

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Tour through Jungles and Beaches of South Bengal!

  • Jungle Boat Tour and Night sail

  • Visit to New bakkhali-The Hidden Beach

  • Bon Fire & Bamboo Kebabs

  • Canoe creek Ride

  • Visit to Bhagbatpur Crocodile Sanctuary

  • On board food and night stay on the boat.

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