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                                      The Little Europe Tour in Bengal

As goes the common belief, the English weren’t the only ones to set foot in India. The present shape of India is moulded by a long history of intense interaction with foreign nations. Parts of West Bengal were once colonies of European settlements and the colourful heritage of Portuguese, Dutch, French and Danish are still evident in the cities along the Hoogly river. And now West Bengal has its own little Europe not far from the main city of Kolkata. Crossindia Adventure offers a Little Europe tour which takes you to all these beautiful places.

Bandel – Ola Portuguese

About 40km away from the Howrah station, Bandel was earlier a part of Portuguese settlement. The Portuguese element in this urban area is still visible in the famous Bandel Church and Monastry and attracts a lot of tourists. The Imambara is one of the famous and significant architecture of Bengal that signifies the glory of Muslim raj that was present ages ago. Olichandi Mela (fair) is the biggest fair observed at Bandel in early summer after the Dol Yatra. You must visit this small yet peaceful town to relive the India’s glorious past.

Bandel -Portugese Colony
                                                                  The famous Bandel Church

Serampore – Hej Danish

Also known as Frederiknagore (1755 to 1845), Serampore was taken over by the Danes in the early 18th century. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the first modern man of India was said to be born here. Since 1947, Serampore has urbanized and has become one of the most developed cities in the main line region of Howrah. It is the land of the famous Jagannath Temple of Mahesh , which is arguably one of the most ancient temples of the world. One of the oldest Durga Puja in Serampore is Goswami Bari Durga puja. It is over 410 years old and also called “Buri Durga” due to its age.

 Hindu culture being predominant here, various ruins of temples can be seen like:

  • Henry Martin’s Pagoda
  • Sashan Kali Mandir
  • The Ram-Sita temple in Sripur
  • Rajbari

Serampore-West Bengal

Chinsurah – Hallo Dutch

Situated at 35km north of Kolkata, the Dutch settlement of Bengal, Chinsurah played a vital role in the Bengal renaissance. Also, it was here that Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay composed India’s national song “Vande Mataram” at Joraghat. The place is famous for its temples and rich cultural heritage. Some famous spots of interest are :

  • Ghorir More (Edwardian clock tower)
  • Susana’s Tomb
  • Dutch cemetery
  • Bankim Bhawan
  • Temple of Shandeshwar
  • Kazi Nazrul Karagar (jail)
  • Mohsin College (where Bankim Chandra studied)
Susana's Tomb
                                                                             Susana’s Tomb

Chandannagar – Bonjour French

Chandannagar (earlier known as Chandernagore) was established as a French colony in the year  1673. Located at the Hoogly River, this city retains its uniqueness and the French influence can be evidently seen here. There are numerous places of interest in Chandannagar due to its rich cultural heritage. Take a stroll at the Chandannagar strand which atrracts a number of tourists and locals each day. The Sacred Heart Church marks the beauty of the French architecture and has been there since last two decades. Other places of interest incudes :

  • Chandannagore Museum and Institute
  • French Cemetry
  • Chandannagar Gate
  • Patal Bari
  • Nandadulal Temple. 
                                                                     Chandannager Church