A Guided Boat Tour of Kolkata through the Iconic ghats, Bridges, Monuments and relics along the River Hooghly

From the execution of Mangal Pandey in suburban Barrackpore to the Direct Action Day riots of 1946, Calcutta, now Kolkata, has many stories to tell. It is a city seeped in history, where the old and the new, the past and the present, come together in unexpected ways and create a vibrant culture that manifests itself in the city’s many passions— theatre, art, politics, football and food. Kolkata Boat Tour is one of the top things to do in Kolkata.

kolkata boat tour


A Boat Ride in Hooghly River can be the fastest way of seeing iconic places in a short amount of time, many of the icons are some of the best places to visit in Kolkata.

Crossindia’s exclusive Kolkata Boat Tour is an amazing way to take a tour of the north and south route of the river. The 2 hour journey starts at 10 AM from Babughat and heads towards either of the route as per your preference. This is not a leisure tour, hence the focus of the tour is on the history of those places enroute to our tour.

The South Route

As we move down the river there are a lot of famous buildings and monuments for one to see. Sea Explorers Institute is the home of some of the most daring sea explorations of the country. Next up comes Fort Williams and Semaphore Towers. Just beyond the Fort William on the left bank is the Gwalior Monument. The 60 feet tall memorial is often referred to as the Peeper Pot, because of its distinctive shape.

Some of the others buildings that you can see, among others, are :

  • Lascar Memorial
  • Demerara Towers
  • Parikhana
  • Garden Reach Ship Builders

kolkata boat tour

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The North Route

Further up the river are some of the pious temples and ghats of Bengal. Bagbazar Ghat, famous for its Sandhya Aarti, is one of the oldest ghats of Kolkata. A hooghly river tour is incomplete without a mention of Belurmath Ghat. It has the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, founded by Swami Vivekananda which is one of the significant institutions in Kolkata.

Others places that we will see in the north route are:

  • Nimatala Ghat
  • Cossipore Udyanbati
  • Dakhineshwar Temple
  • Adyapeath Temple

kolkata boat tour

A Well Guided Tour of Ganges

A local well informed guide is always available on the tour to impart valuable information about all the famous places. You’ll never forget how every corner of the city is etched with history and has a tale to tell.  And yet, how effortlessly it straddles colonial heritage with modern infrastructure.

Duration – 2 hours

Price – Rs 650 per head

Time – 10 AM to 12 PM


  • Guide Charges
  • Fees/Tickets
  • Boat Charges


  • Food
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Transportation to and from Babughat

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