Yes, you can cover Sundarban and Bakkhali Beach together in one Weekend!

Yes, you heard it Right!  So are you planning yet another trip to the Bakkhali beach? If yes, why not try something new this time? Crossindia Adventures offers you a one of its kind combo trip wherein you can have the best of both worlds. Get to see the mysteriously charming mangroves of Sundarban as well as the captivating Bakkhali all in one tour.

Bakkhali has gained quite a popularity among the beach lovers in the last couple of years. Not only it is less populated and cleaner than the famous Digha and Mandarmoni beaches, Bakkhali is breathtakingly beautiful. The serenity and tranquility of this peaceful beach will leave you in awe of it. But well don’t we all know that already?

Ditch Digha, Visit Bakkhali to Spice Up Your Weekend Tour! 

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The Journey Begins

Upon reaching Ferry Ghat, instead of waiting for hours for a boat to cross the Namkhana river, Crossindia takes you on a boat ride to the Southern Sundarbans. What most people do not know is that there is a newly discovered part of Sundarban, known as the Barren Island , which is actually a long stretch of white sand beach completely devoid of tiger population. People can camp here, enjoy bonfires and a variety of outdoor games. But if you do not want to stay the night in this island you could just lounge here for an hour or two and head for the rest of the journey.

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You get to visit the Sundarban Wildlife Sanctuary and Sundarban Bird Sanctuary which lies in the southern parts of Sundarban. Next on the list is Lothian island. Although it’s illegal to get down on this island, the boat ride around it is mesmerizing. The island is exceptionally exquisite and the journey is worth going for.

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You can either choose to stay a night at the Barren Island with the Crossindia Pirates Party , or just cover all these in a short boat trip which will take a couple of hours and then head to Bakkhali. 

Interested in a tour with us? Try Sundarban-Bakkhali combo tour.

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Isn’t it the perfect way to enjoy both Sundarban and Bakkhali while paying for just one? Good for all those looking to have an adventurous yet relaxing weekend at budget friendly rates.