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Ganges Boat Party, Kolkata - PRE- HOLI 2021

From the innovators of Boat Party comes an exciting product specially for party lovers , one of its kind, Ganges Boat Party, Kolkata on a new yacht, the Ganges. Experience the auspicious river, The two iconic bridges, the heritage banks of the cultural city Kolkata from a new perspective; boat party. Boat Party is usually a private charter affair meant to be booked and invited exclusively.

For the first time, on a regular basis and open to party lovers, Crossindia Cruises has opened its doors for a series of boat party where you and your partner with friends can hop in have a stress free time of laughter and fun. Features Can be booked by single or a group of people.

The booking covers 4 hours of boat party 7pm to 11 pm  ( 2 hrs sail and 2 hrs anchorage). Includes DJ Entertainment, starters and main course (veg and non veg) Other items like mocktail or beverages can be purchased.





Boarding Point: Kolkata Port Trust Outram Jetty

Booking Form for 27th March, 2021 , 7 pm to 11 pm