Newest Party Destination is Here!

Tired of the mundane parties at same old discos and clubs? Boat parties are the newest rage in India. It is not only gaining popularity among the youngsters but also appeals to people of all ages and groups. Plan a boat party for your next new year’s eve or Christmas or even for the sake of partying (*winks*). If you are someone who has never experienced a boat party before then you must try these Boat Party in India.

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Cruise Party in Goa

Who doesn’t know that some of the most happening parties in India are conducted in Goa? But if you are bent to ditch the nightclubs and beaches, go on a party cruise in Goa the next time you are here. Goa has quite a few companies that organise such parties. Gobananas and Go watch are some of them. Bachelor parties, private parties, birthdays, reunions, excursions – they organise it all. is one of the famous party boats in Goa. As wacky as the name sounds, this cruise party is a lot more fun and takes you on a journey to the Arabian Sea. Party on open decks, relax under the sun, eat your heart out all in the middle of the sea with the wind blowing your hair. Do check these out the next time you are in Goa for the ultimate party ever.

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Yacht Ride in Mumbai

Situated on the west coast of India, Mumbai is a dream city. It’s rightly known as the city that never sleeps. Famous for its nightlife, Mumbai is a big name when it comes to partying on boats. There are a number of options available for organizing boat parties.

Take a yacht ride in Mumbai by either renting out a boat from one of the top companies, like Giri Yachts and Ava Marine Services who offer a one-stop shop for everything related to a party on a boat. Or, another pocket-friendly way is to rent a boat from the local boatwallas and organise everything yourself.

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Kolkata Cruise from Millennium Park

Yes, I know it might sound almost unbelievable but Kolkata is on the list too. In fact, Kolkata boat party is one of a kind because instead of the usual sea cruise,you get to sail through the Hooghly river. The breathtaking view of the river ghats and the famous Howrah bridge will make your party all the more exciting. A Kolkata cruise from Millennium park is a must for every party goer.

Crossindia Adventure offers an array of party options ranging from private parties to corporate get together, kitty parties to wedding festivities. They organise everything for you and have a variety of options for entertainment too. In short, it’s your one-stop solution for boat parties in Kolkata. Vivada Cruise is another such company that caters boat party service.

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