Cruises as The New Private Banquets

A cruise ship private party or wedding celebration is the new perfect venue for small to large gatherings. And of course festivities amidst the river is unconventional. The budget is accessible, your guests will remember the experience and you will have memories to talk about. Cruise banquet parties provide a constantly changing background which can be ideal for your next special event. Experience it to believe it.


  • The intake capacity of the vessel is around 150.
  • It is a double decked vessel with outstanding sunset view.
  • It has a beautiful air-conditioned lounge and dance floor.
  • The open air facility of the cruise is ideal for hosting pre-wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions.
  • Corporate events like seminars and conferences can also be organized.
  • Temporary bars can be setup.

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  • Intake capacity of around 35 – 40 people.
  • It is a double decked vessel.
  • There is an air-conditioned lounge.
  • It is ideal for small parties like birthday parties, bachelorettes and chartered tours.
  • Corporate conferences or seminars can also be organized.
  • Temporary bars and sitting arrangements can be set up.

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  • Intake capacity is around 250 people.
  • It is a four decked vessel.
  • There are various onboard facilities like a lounge with 24 hours snacks, a permanent bar, library, live kitchen and great restaurants for dining.
  • The huge size of is perfect for hosting big private gala parties and ceremonies like weddings and all pre-wedding occasions.

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  • Intake capacity of around 250 pax.
  • It is a double decked vessel with an air-conditioned lounge.
  • It is ideal for gala weddings and other private parties which involve large number of people.
  • Corporate parties and get-togethers can also be organized.
  • Temporary bar can be set up if required.

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  • The intake capacity of this vessel is around 80 people.
  • It is a double decked vessel.
  • The vessel size is ideal for small gatherings.
  • Banquets for small private parties like wedding receptions, birthday parties and bachelor or bachelorette parties are available.
  • It has been entirely booked for proposals.

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The intake competence of the fleet are different and based on the accommodation capability, events are planned accordingly. We present you with the banquet details of each of our vessels for your better understanding. We have different fleets for the various private parties starting from engagements to reception party and corporate parties as well. Based on the guest lists and desired requirements of our beloved customers, we present them with the most suitable vessel for the event concerned.

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