If you are trying to find the perfect, unforgettable venue for your next birthday or anniversary, wedding reception or even a casual get-together Boat party is all the rage this season. Celebrating your special day aboard one of the boats surely adds an edginess to your party affair. Banquet parties are so yesteryear.

Here are 5 reasons to give you a heads up to Boat party instead of Banquet Party.

1. Surprisingly affordable venue

We all know how Banquet halls charge an exorbitant amount of money for a few hours. That too exclusive of food and drinks. But with a boat as your venue, you do not have to worry about it. Boat Parties are surprisingly affordable with no compromise in the quality of food or drinks. Not only are boat parties budget-friendly but also hassle free. Also, the delectable cuisine is sure to steal your heart.

Boat party kolkata, vivada cruise

2. Stunning photographs

Boat parties are hands down more picturesque than your common banquet parties. Those who love to watch the sunset at the golden bay and like to capture the moment in their camera, Boat party is the perfect place for you. Also, Wedding photos can sometimes have a too posed, sterile look that just doesn’t capture the romance of the event. When you get married on a boat, your photographer will be spoilt for choice with the ever-changing beauty around you as you cruise around the sea.

howrah, Boat party kolkata, vivada cruise


Boat party kolkata, vivada cruise

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3. Limits your guest list

Partying on a boat eventually limits your guest’s lists without hurting their feelings, as everybody understands that there are occupancy rules for boats. Boat party is your perfect way out to avoid all the annoying aunty jis and chacha jis.

Boat party kolkata, vivada cruise


4. As formal or casual as you want

Your party can be as elegant or casual as you want. Go full-blown formal and make it a ceremonial affair or have your guests dress down for a fun casual get together – anything is possible when you chose boat as your venue.

Boat party kolkata, vivada cruise

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5. The Ambiance – its open air

Undeniably, the most important reason is that there’s such an aura about boat parties, such a celestial ambiance. The gentle sway of the boat with water lapping on its sides renders true thrill of water cruising. Partying on the open deck with picturesque beauty surrounding you is an experience one would never forget.

In Banquet halls, terrace party is the most you can get but it won’t is floating in the middle of the Ganges.

Boat party kolkata, vivada cruise


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