The southern part of West Bengal is endowed with a large number of beaches. Most of you have already visited the famous beaches of West Bengal. But most of the popular beaches are now crowded.  So here are a few lesser known beaches in West Bengal near Kolkata that you must visit.



1. Kalash Island

Located in south 24 Parganas, Kalash Island is a part of Sunderban National Park and lies at the estuary of river Matla. This island is for all those brave hearts who are looking for an encounter with the Royal Bengal Tiger. You can enter Kalash beach with armed guards accompanying you. Kalash beach is home to a wide variety of coastal birds. Great Stone-Curlew and Wader are commonly found on this beach.

Things to do – Kalash island is the best place for the adventure seekers. You can definitely spot numerous Olive Ridley Turtles on the beach and if you are lucky enough then you can catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Best time to visit – You can visit Kalash Islands throughout the year. But if you want to see Olive Ridley Turtle then winter is the ideal time.

Lesser known beaches, West bengal, Weekend getaway
The unexplored Kalash beach.

2. Shankarpur

Just 185 km from Kolkata, Shankarpur is located in East Medinipur district of West Bengal. It is 14 km from the famous Digha beach. It is slowly gaining popularity for its exotic clean beaches. Shankarpur is best for those who want to take a break from their chaotic life. The clear blue sea and the tall Casuarina trees lined along the beach makes it a treat for the eyes.

Things to do – Spend a relaxed weekend sunbathing and swimming in the clear water of Shankarpur. For the seafood lovers, the local restaurants offer a wide range of fishes,fried prawns, and delicious crabs.

Best time to visit – Ideal time to visit Shankarpur is from December to April. But it is advisable not to visit during the monsoon.

Lesser known beaches, West bengal, Weekend getaway
Soothing Shankarpur

3. Udaipur Beach

Situated at the border of Orissa lies an unexplored virgin beach of Udaipur. Away from the jostling crowd, this serene beach is perfect for a lovely weekend trip with your friends and family. You can experience an awesome view of the sunrise while taking a stroll along the Casuarina dotted shore.

Things to do – Udaipur beach renders a number of fun activities like biking and parasailing. The fish lovers can buy fresh fishes from the local fishermen . Don’t miss the sumptuous seafood cooked by the local people in a spicy style. West Bengal Tourism provides tents for the visitors at a decent rate.

Best time to visit – You can visit this amazing beach any time of the year, February being the best time. You can stay at Digha and take a day trip to Udaipur which is just 3 km away.

Lesser known beaches, West bengal, Weekend getaway
Udaipur Beach

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4. Talsari

Positioned in the Baleswar district of Odisha, Talsari beach is only 7 km from Digha. Being one of the least exploited beaches near Kolkata, Talsari has got comparatively less footfall of tourists round the year. The beach is covered with sand dunes and presents a picturesque view of the horizon for the shutterbugs.

Things to do – Boats are available for tourists to enjoy a sea ride in the unruffled waves. You can also visit the Chandaneshwar temple in Balasore district and is a few minutes walk from Talsari beach.

Best time to visit – The true beauty of this beach is enhanced in February as the seasonal red and orange flowers cover the trees of Udaipur.

Lesser known beaches, West bengal, Weekend getaway
Talsari Beach

5. Gopalpur

It is just 15 km away from Berhampur Ganjam in Odisha State. A languorous beach with coconut groves, casuarinas,  and gentle sand dunes makes it one of the most beautiful beaches of the east. Free from pollution, Gopalpur is a small town which is perfect for your next weekend destination.

Things to do – one of the unique feature of this beach is the camel rides that are available at affordable rate.

Best time to visit – All round the year, preferably in winter.

Lesser known beaches, West bengal, Weekend getaway
Gopalpur Port

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