There are a number of beautiful sea beaches close to each other near Kolkata. If you want to relax on a beach for a day or two, then these 5 beaches from Kolkata should be your next destination and the best part about these beaches is that it will cost you less than 5k! 

Bakkhali Beach

1. Tranquil Tajpur

Tajpur is only 170kms and a 4-hour drive from Kolkata. If you want to enjoy a beach all by yourself then Tajpur is the best place to be in. Unlike Digha, Tajpur is less crowded and cleaner. Most of the people here are fishermen and you will come across a number of fisheries in Tajpur. While walking through the sandy beaches you will come across red crabs which are famous in this region. Tajpur is the perfect getaway to de-stress yourself from your busy schedule. You can stay here at hotels like Lake View Village Resort, Mouchak Hotels and Resorts and Resort Abasar under 5k. The hotels are all sea facing and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from your room


2. Serenity of Southern Sundarban Beaches

Formed by the confluence of the Brahmaputra, Ganges and Meghna rivers, Sundarban is one of its kind forest in the world and also a UNESCO-declared World Heritage Site. The Sundari trees, Royal Bengal Tigers and the Crocodile reservation park are the main attractions of Sundarban. There is also a lesser known southern part of Sunderbans or a buffer forest which is devoid of tigers and crocodiles and is ideal for soft adventure activities. You can experience boating in the narrow creeks at night or stay in the houseboats. Crossindia Adventures offers you the opportunity to experience all these with an entertaining Pirates Party Tour under 5k!

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3. Beautiful Bakkhali and New Bakkhali

Another beach which is becoming popular at the southern tip of West Bengal, south of Namkhana, is the Bakkhali beach. It is sparsely populated and favourable for those who want to enjoy a quiet weekend and rejuvenate themselves. Not too far from Bakkhali to the east is a beach called the New Bakkhali beach which is almost untouched by tourists. The pristine white sand beach of New Bakkhali is considered as one of the best beaches of India because of its unhampered natural beauty. Crossindia Adentures offers you the opportunity to experience the beauty of Bakkhali and New Bakkhali beaches all under one tour under 5K!

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4. The Evergreen Digha-Mandarmani

The white sand beaches of Mandarmani filled with small red crabs crawling across the beach is a treat for the eyes. It is best for spending a laid back weekend with your family and friends. Enjoy the cool sea breeze while walking across the beach. The best part of Mandarmani is the Mohona or the delta where the river meets the sea. It is a beautiful sight and the shutterbugs will get excellent opportunities to click amazing photographs of the picturesque Mohona. Mandarmani also offers a wide range of fun activities like jet skiing or you can go for the banana boat ride. Bombay Beach Resort, Star Resort, and Ajoy Minar Hotel offer excellent facilities under 5k. 

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The Red Crabs

5. Surreal Chandipur

257.7 km from Kolkata, Chandipur is located in Odisha. It can be easily reached overnight by train or car. Chandipur beach is abode to a large number of horseshoe crabs. One of the most interesting features of Chandipur is that the sea recedes by 5km every day during low tides. When the sea water recedes, it is a different kind of experience altogether to walk along the sea floor. Arpita Beach Resort is one of the best resorts at Chandipur and you can stay here under 5k! 


So if you want to take a small break from your hectic life yet you do not want to spend much then these 5 beach tours from Kolkata should be on your bucket list.

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