Unleash The Adventurer in You!

This blog is for all the adventure lovers of West Bengal. West Bengal is famous for its culture, heritage and food but adventure and West Bengal do not compliment each other. Adventure seekers usually travel to Ladakh, Shimla and Goa for some daring activities. But here is the good news for all the daredevils of West Bengal! Following are the few places of West Bengal which are apt for all those who love adventure.

For all the brave-hearts


1. Trekking in Darjeeling

All the adventure seekers, lookout for the mountains of north Bengal. Darjeeling located at 6,700 ft is the epitome of adventure in West Bengal. Trekking through the serrated mountains covered with white snow is perfect for giving you an adrenaline rush. The narrow and deep valleys covered with Alpine forests, rivers flowing down the steep slopes and the cool environment of Darjeeling will make it a fond experience.


Where can you go for trekking?

Just 4.5 km trek along the Kalimpong-Algarah-Pudong road will take you to a stunning village of Darjeeling known as Sillery Gaon. Far away from the popular tourist spots of Darjeeling, Sillery gaon is nestled in nature’s lap. The trek to this village is one of its kind.

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Sillery Gaon

Other Places :-

The Ayodhya and Jayanti hills of Purulia are perfect for rock climbing and trekking for amateurs. It is an extension of the Dalma hills of Jharkhand and will captivate you with its natural beauty.

2. Water Sports

West Bengal is traversed by many rivers which ultimately drain into the Bay of Bengal and therefore water sports in West Bengal is abundant. Sagardwip beach, Digha, Mandarmani and Tajpur are famous destinations for water sports activities like para-sailing, water zorbing, water skiing and snorkeling.

Parasailing in Mandarmani
Parasailing in Mandarmani

3. Pirates Adventure Boat Sail

Try something new this season! If you love water and adventures Crossindia Adventure offers you the opportunity to experience soft adventure in New Bakkhali,West Bengal called Crossindia Pirates Party. It can be your next weekend getaway from Kolkata and can be covered in a day or two.

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Sail through the river Deltas and voyage into rivers, creeks, ocean and jungles upon a wooden pirate themed rustic cruise boat into the backwaters of Bengal. Be enthralled by the experience of continuing your voyage into a beautiful hidden white sand beach which is set to make Bengal proud. With the Pirates Party Boat stay you can travel to the backwaters of West Bengal and as well as stay on board at night

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Bon Fire on the beach

Bonfire, live barbecue and sailing into the narrow creeks at moonlight are few of the attractions.

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4. Mountain Biking

Not many of you are aware that you can also go for mountain biking in West Bengal. Mountain biking is generally associated with Leh, Manali and Uttarakhand. The wide range of mountains in West Bengal offers you ample scope for mountain biking. Darjeeling, Mirik and Kalimpong are the best places for mountain biking.

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Mountain Biking in Darjeeling

5. River Rafting

River rafting is for those dauntless individuals who live to experience adventure. The excitement of rafting down a turbulent river can not be compared to anything else. It becomes even better when you can go rafting in the deep gorges with a number of rapids increasing the difficulty level. Teesta river with its ferocious speed flowing down the steep mountain slopes attracts rafters from all over the world. Canoeing and Kayaking can also be done here.

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River Rafting on Teesta river

Embrace the valiant side of yours and get the most out of your life. Step out of your comfort zone and a whole new world of adventure awaits you. Pack your suitcase and get ready to explore the different shades of the world.

West Bengal, Adventure tours in West Bengal, Weekend Destination, Trekking

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